The story of Sergeant
Evert Roelof Bijl.

Sergeant Bijl is a grandgrand father of your webmaster. He was serving in the Dutch 8th Militia during the entire Waterloo campaign, and survived! This page is dedicated to him.

Personal signature of Evert Roelof.

On the moment your webmaster is writing his story. In the end it must be a real book, based on all the real details found on this website. The writing will take several years, because a lot of research still need to be done (Evert Roelof served in the 3rd Foreign regiment in French service before he joint the 8th!). See the seperate chapter for some first chapters.

Marco Bijl, April 2006.

The 3rd Etranger Regiment

About Evert Roelof; military career summary

Name: Evert Bijl

Son of Nicolaas Johannes Bijl and Wilhelmina Tijsen. Born on 13th of March 1794 in Amsterdam. Length: 5 feet, 6 duim and 2 streek. Face healthy, front head flat, eyes blue, nose and chin average, brown hair.

Arrival in corps and contract….
On 13th of march 1814 (age 20!) enlisted as replacement for mr L. Emphoven (in these time of forced enlistment men could change positions with a volunteer). Militia district Den Haag.

Served before:……
The 2nd of June 1810 enlisted in Navy on the vessel the “Kroonprins” as helmsman-student. Became 3th Helmsman on 30th of august 1810. In 1811 joining the fregat “de Dageraad”. On 2nd of september 1811 he is promoted to 2nd Helmsman on this ship. On the 5th of June 1813 he is joining the 3th Regiment of Etrangers (infantery regiment of foreigners in French service). With the revolution he returned to Holland.

Promotions and rank……
On the 16th of march 1814 promoted to korperaal, on the 1st of April 1814 to sergeant. On the 28th of December 1815 to Fourier.

Battles and wounds…..
Battles of Brabant (Belgium) and France in 1815.

Leaving the service…..
Ending of April 1816 with passport.

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3rd in reenactment (old style uniform).

About Evert Roelof; family

Evert Bijl is born on the 16th of March 1794 in Amsterdam. He is one of 10 children in his family. His father has a company and shop in mats and mat material in Amsterdam. He is joining the military in 1810, when he is only 16 years old. After this date he is sailing on different ships and became 2nd helmsman in 1811. On the 5th of June 1813 he is joining the 3th Etrangers French infantry regiment, which was build up of foreigners in French service. This was probably not for long because he is returning to Holland with the revolution, later in 1813. After that he is joining the Dutch infantry in march 1814 with the 12th battalion of militia which changes his name in the same month to 8th militia. He is leaving for the campaign in Brabant (part of Belgium) and France in 1815. He is leaving the service in 1816 after 22 years in several armies and branches!! On the 10th of july in 1816 he has married Johanna Maria Merks. They are going to live in Amsterdam and he has a job as “servant”. They get their first daughter before they are going to live for a few years in Leeuwarden. In this place two sons are born. Somewhere between 1819 and 1824 they are going back to Amsterdam while Evert has his own mat shop in the city. Another 4 children are born (2 girls and two sons, one of the latest died early). The last child is born in 1832. Johanna Merks died in 1849, age 55. Evert has found himself another women soon because he is marrying again in the same year with Hendrika Hagendoorn. By that time Evert didn't run his own shop anymore because he is office servant during this marriage.

Evert died on the 8th of April 1851, age 57.

He probably has told all kind of enthusiastic stories concerning the “great” battle of Waterloo because his oldest son, probably inspired by his father, has joined the military for his whole life till his pension (26 years of service).

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Dutch Militia in reenactment.