The Flag !

It is a simple story. There were no flags with the Dutch army in 1815, at least not officially. However, there are two flags in the Dutch army museum from this period (from the 27th and 36st Jagers), and in some paintings flags can be seen. But by far the best source is the Jongh himself. He prescribes his colour-party in details in his memoirs (see elsewhere on this site). Reasons enough to believe that there were flags available, perhaps not with all units but at least with the 27 and 36th Jagers, the 8th Militia and the 7th Line batallion. And probably also the 5th militia, because this can be seen in the picture below. The flags in the museum measures 80x80 cm.

More can be found it a background study by Hans Boersma about the 27th Jagers. It can be found on his website or here.

So, I developed a 8th militia flag based on all available details. And that is not much.I took the Sjako plate text "Voor vaderland en Oranje" en the "8ste Militia". Besides that I took the Royal arm of Willem of Orange. Nassau troops were carrying the same banner. With these three items I made the flag.

The 5th Militia under Luit-Kolonel Westenberg during Quatre Bras at the Gemioncourt farm.
The arty unit will depict Bijleveld's Horse Battery, allthough there is no proof that Bijleveld had
guns inside the farm. He was positioned south of the farm in the
morning of the 16th, and later in the day north of the farm. Note the Flag on the left of the picture!