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Technical assistance; Induma, Honduras.
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Are you a company or resource manager?

Natural resource-based companies in particular benefit from FSG's strategy to combine sustainability with linkages to international markets.
For this we use our own database of 650 EU importers on a daily basis.

We have multiple training courses on offer to strengthen companies' technical and managerial capacities.

We are highly experienced in certification of Natural Resource Management activities and Chains of Custody.

We advise companies about funding opportunities in relation with policies on fighting climate change.
And we provide technical advise on Natural Resource Management issues.
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With a company we mean a commercial organisation. This can be private, governmental or community owned. With resource manager we mean people or organisations that are actually owning OR managing natural resources like forests, nature or agricultural areas.

Please consult our track record for the experience we have with many more organisations. You may also go to our Partner page for more information.

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