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Women working in wood industry in Sri Lanka
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Without knowledge no market.

At the end of the Land+ implementation products have to be sold. Or perhaps you already have a profitable product for sale but you are not sure where to sell it? To be able to sell a product additional market research is always needed.

About this service

During the opportunity assessment profitable bioproducts and ecosystem services were identified. This was of course already based on general market knowledge from our experts. It could also be that you have your own ideas about potential products. In all cases further and detailed market research is needed to identify the best profitable product-market combinations and to make a first selection of market segments & channels, and buyers.

FSG’s expertise

FSG and her network of sector experts can count on 15 years of experience in market research for a wide selection of bioproducts and ecosystem services.
What makes us different from others is that our market intelligence is largely based on input from importers. For example, our database of 900 EU importers for the timber sector guarantees that we are always up-to-date in trends and developments.

For years in a row we are also hired by the Dutch Government (CBI) to assist them in their market research in certain sectors.
We do marker research for companies, sector organizations and governments. We also do sector specific technical co-reading.

Discussing timber quality in Bolivia

Service aspects

Product sheets.

A product sheet takes 1 product and explains everything about the general design of the product, differences between EU countries, standard measurements in the EU, Market & Buyer Access Requirements and trade barriers, market opportunities, market prices and links for further reading.

Product Quality sheets

A Product Quality sheet takes 1 product and explains the EU allowed defects in a product, drying details, size tolerances, finishing requirements, EU Reach requirements, CE safety requirements, and construction and other guidelines.

Market competitiveness report

In such a report a larger market sector is studied (like certified tropical hardwood in the EU), buying and selling powers are analyzed, problems are explained and opportunities identified.

Market segment and channels reports.

In such a document a certain group of products (like flooring in general)is followed throughout the chain to judge the problems and opportunities with each link. The report also explains the distribution channels for a certain group of products.

Trend mapping

An update off the market for a sector in general. It lists the positive and negative trends and predict trends for the future. This type of document is often used by decision makers to say something about new investments or projects.

EU landscape report

An overview of sector organizations in a certain country.

Trade Watch

The statistical analyses of the market, a group of products or only one product. If gives import and export figures and draws conclusions based on the data.

Product-market fact sheets

The bulk of the market research. What about selling garden furniture in Hungary? Or the market for Natural Ingredients in France? These type of questions can be answered. We are not limited to countries; regions (for example ‘Southern Europe” ) are also possible. Flexibility is the key here.

Next steps?

When profitable product-market combinations are found it is time to sell the product! That is the last step in our Land+ development; B2B marketing.
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Market studies.
We maintain around 20 "product" and "product Quality" sheets. And over the years we worked on countless other documents. Check a few below from last year. We are also contributing to Magazines and sometimes movies are made.

Sustainable tropical timber floors in Denmark (2013)

Trendmapping: Sustainable tropical timber and timber products (2013)

(Sector) Export Marketing Plans
We've made SEMP's for 8 countries.

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