Keyword   Explanation            
AA   Assigned Amount            
AAC   Annual Allowable Cut Click on Forest inventories      
AAU   Assigned Amount Unit            
AC   Attestation of Conformity            
AFOLU   Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use.            
B2B   Business to Business            
BAS   Biological Agroforestry Systems Click on Agro forestry system development  
BSO   Business support organisation            
CB   Certification Bodies            
CCB   Climate, Community and Biodiversity            
CCBA   Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance            
CCBS   Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard            
CCE   Chicago Climate Exchange            
CCS   Carbon Capture and Storage            
CDM   Clean Development Mechanism            
CDM EB   Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board            
CE   European Conformity            
CERs   Certified Emission Reductions            
CFD   Carbon Finance Document            
CFU   Carbon finance Unit            
CITES   Convention on International Trade in Endangered species.            
CITL   Community Independent Transaction Log            
CO2e   Carbon dioxide equivalent            
COC   Code of conduct Click on Company audits      
COC   Chain of Custody            
COP   Conference of Parties            
CSA   Canadian Standards Association Click on About this service      
CSR   Corporate Social Responsibility            
DBH   Diameter at Breast High Click on Forest inventories      
DNA   Designated National Authority            
DOA   Designated Operational Entity            
DRR   Disaster Reduction Systems (DRR) development and implementation            
ECX   European Climate Exchange            
EHS   Environmental Health and Safety Click on Company audits      
EMP   Export Marketing Plan Click on Company audits      
ERPA   Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement            
ERs   Emissions Reductions            
ERUs   Emission Reduction Units            
ETS   Emissions Trading Scheme            
EU ETS   European Union Emissions Trading Scheme            
EUA   European Union Allowance            
FLEGT   Forest Law Enforcement and Trade            
FMP   Forest Management Plans Click on NR Management Plan advise    
FMU   Forest Mangament Units            
FPC   Factory Production Control)            
FSC   Forest Stewardship Council            
FSG   Forestry Service Group            
GCCA   Global Climate Change Alliances            
GHG   Green House Gas reduction services            
GHGs   Greenhouse Gases            
GMP   Good Manufacturing Practises Click on Company audits      
GO   Governmental Organizations            
GWP   Global Warming Potential            
HCC MOU   Host Country Committee Memorandum of Understanding            
IET   International Emissions Trading            
IPCC   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change            
ISO   Certification scheme            
ITL   International Transaction Log            
JI   Joint Implementation            
JID   Just In time Delivery Click on Company audits      
LoA   Letter of Approval            
LoE   Early Notification and Letter of Endorsement            
LoI   Letter of Intent            
MAR   Market Access Requirements            
MTCS   Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme Click on About this service      
NAP   National Allocation Plan            
NGO   Non Governmental Organisation            
NRM   Natural Resource Management            
NTA-8080   NTA-8080, the Dutch standard for Sustainability criteria for biomass for energy purposes            
NTFP   Non Timber Forest Products Click on NR Management Plan advise    
ODA   Official Development Assistance            
OSHAS   Occupational Safety and Health Click on Company audits      
PDCA   Plan Do Check (audit) and Act. Click on Company audits      
PDD   Project Design Document            
PEFC   Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Click on About this service      
PES   Payment for Environmental Services            
PIN   Project Idea Note            
PMP   Plantation Management Plans Click on NR Management Plan advise    
PSP   Permanent Sample Plots Click on Forest inventories      
REACH   Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances            
RED   Renewable Energy Directive (EU).            
REDD   Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries            
SEMP   Sector Export Marketing Plans            
SFI   Sustainable Forestry Initiative program Click on About this service      
SLIMF   Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests            
SRM   Sustainable Resource Management            
SWOT   Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analyses            
tCO2e   Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent            
TQM   Totally quality management Click on Company audits      
UNFCCC   United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change            
VCM   Voluntary Carbon Market            
VCS   Voluntary Carbon Standard            
VCU   Voluntary Carbon Unit            
VERPA   Verified Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement            
VERs   Verified Emission Reductions            
VPA   Voluntary Partnership Agreements opportunities Click on Company audits