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See shore, Queen Charlotte ilands, Canada
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"FSG is dedicated to help protect the world's remaining forests, natural areas and larger biological and climatic systems from further degradation and to promote sustainable livelihood and business development across the world."


Professionals in sustainable resource management.

As a group of professionals with a background in natural resource management and international development, we established the Forestry Service Group in 1995. FSG has since served as a collective consulting platform for supporting profit-and non-profit organizations in the South and North toward improved sustainability of natural resource-based commodity chains.

FSG consultants are driven by their commitment to help solve global challenges such as climate change, deforestation and poverty. We believe that solving these NRM related challenges requires simultaneous presence of three components: market opportunities, sustainability criteria and stakeholder preparedness. These three are interdependent: neither can exist without insurance of the other. For example, people are not inclined to follow sustainability rules if there are no markets to reward their efforts. Moreover, profitable markets are only found when certain quality criteria are met. And without adequate skills and knowledge regarding sustainable practices, no community in the world can comply with the principles and criteria involved. The integration of all three components in relation with natural resource management is what FSG calls "Sustainable Resource Management". In too many occasions around the world, is one or more of these components missing. The world-wide effects are all too evident, in the form of deforestation, resource degradation and climate change.

FSG likes to see its integral vision on Sustainable Resource Management being applied on Natural Resource-based international development and trade. This will lead to a kind of development where local interests meet global concerns, global interests meet local needs and vice versa. Indeed, we seek local-impact solutions to global challenges.

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The top part of the logo shows a tree-leaf. It's separated in building stones, because FSG is building on Nature values, and we see our work as a giant puzzle as well. The different green colors are representing the different Eco systems, light green for open-space country, middle green for boreal and temperate forests and dark green for rainforests. The bottom part of the logo represents our world and the horizontal segment shows that FSG works around the globe. Together the logo shows a note of exclamation! This to deliver several messages: "let's work!", "we take nature and our work serious!' and many more to guess!

FSG general Leaflet

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