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Can we also hire FSG for total project management?

Yes that's possible. But we can't handle too many projects at the same time. Reporting and relations with donors consumes a lot of time. Every consultant can and will carry out only one project at the same time besides his/her normal work. But you can always ask!

Is it possible to hire FSG consultants as project leader for a project in a foreign country?

In some cases this is possible, certainly when you are based in the same country as one of our consultant. Besides this we have a big pool of free-lance consultants who may be available.

If I like to hire a FSG consultant who do I contact and how does it work?

You are free to contact and contract every consultant by yourself. But if you are not sure who too approach and how to discuss, then contact Mr Marco Bijl who is the main contact. In all cases contracts will be closed between you and one consultant. Other consultants can be sub-contracted by your "contact" consultant, but that will be arranged internally. FSG itself is a registered company in the Netherlands since 1995 (firstly under the name of Nature & Information, later N&V Forestproducts and now FSG).

What prices do FSG consultants charge?

We work against one of the lowest day-fees in the sector because of our limited overhead and because we like to stay attractive to small NGO's and companies. Every FSG consultant runs his/her own office. So we have no fees for head-offices, employees etc. Please ask for our yearly-fixed rate when appropriate. Sometimes local day-fees are applicable if only local people are hired.
For bigger projects other figures can be discussed. Besides this we are no lawyers. That means that we will not charge you for every minute. A fixed amount of days will be discussed before any project. And we will stay within the budget under ALL circumstances. If it's costing more time its bad luck for us. And even when a project is finished we will always be available for small assistance, advises etc. Most consultants spend at least 10% of their time answering emails or phone calls from "old and finished" projects (without any charge).

Besides this we use the famous no-cure-no-pay system. That system is free of charge anyway!!

Where are your references? Can we call somebody?

Offcourse. Just ask us for our CV's. Or better, ask our partners.

Can I become a member of FSG and work as a consultant?

We are always on the lookout for new, enthusiastic members. However, new members are only selected among professionals who have worked successfully with us in projects. So, do not hesitate to contact us, to propose a new project for collaboration!

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Total project management: where FSG is directly responsible for project management, including financial aspects, towards the donor or customer. In most cases these are multiple-years projects.

Worldwide rates are between 800-1100 Euro's. Ours are much lower.

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