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Without B2B marketing no profit!

After market research you know where and how to sell your products. So now it’s time to make profit out of your investments.

About this service

Without B2B marketing no profit! FSG’s Land+ system has to be paid for, after all. Besides local and regional sales (which is crucial for you as well!) export to the EU is always an option. The EU is a market with special Market Access Requirements, but it is also a large market. For sure there is always an importer that is willing to buy your product. But how do you find him? We can help with our B2B marketing instruments.

FSG’s expertise

FSG has 15 years of experience in B2B marketing. In that time we brought around 100 different companies from many different countries to the EU market.

Many of them are now successful in exporting products. We are organizing and participating in the leading trade fairs in the EU all the time, so we know where to go and how to do it. We maintain sector specific databases of importers that we use in our daily B2B marketing activities. The database for the timber sector, for example, counts 900 importers throughout the EU!

Interzum tradefair with CBI stand; representing 10 Bolivian companies

Service aspects

Trade mission.

We organize trade missions for groups of exporters that are willing to sell in the EU. We often do this together with local BSO’s from the exporting country. Such a trade mission will consist of a visit to a leading trade fair, some training about the EU market, visits to shops and outlets to get a feeling for the market and the consumer demands and one-to-one business meetings with importers.

Direct B2B Matchmaking with visit program

First of all we will make a PPT about your company, together with you. This will be our main promotional tool towards importers. Then we will contact importers to see if they are interested in your products and if they are willing to meet you. Based on responses from importers we will make a visit program for you were you are going to meet 5-10 importers for business meetings. For this you will need to come to the EU for 3-4 days.

Direct B2B Matchmaking without visit program

This is the ‘light’ version of the above. There is no visit program included. The result will be a list of potential buyers that are interested in your products and are willing to discuss further business with you. It’s up to you to contact these buyers and work out the real business after we have send you the list.

Trade Fairs.

We have all the expertise to be able to help you if you are willing to participate in trade fairs. Usually we work with groups of 3-6 exporting companies that aim for a ‘country ‘ stand. But we can also help you if you want do it on your own. We book the m2 for you, organize the stand decoration and the stand itself, promote the stand with our importers database (invite them all to the stand) and assist you during the trade show. We will also assist you in after-fair follow up. Trade fairs are often combined with direct B2B meetings.

Next steps?

B2B marketing is the last step in the Land+ project development. Further steps should not be required!
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Market linkages established by Jan 2014: 104

Check our trackrecord to read more.

Participated trade fairs:

  • Interzum 2005
  • Carrefour Du Bois 2006
  • Interzum 2007
  • Carrefour Du Bois 2008
  • Hout! 2008
  • Interzum 2009
  • Carrefour Du Bois 2012
  • Spoga 2012
  • Interzum 2013
  • UK Timber Expro 2013

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