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Women working in wood industry in Sri Lanka
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Project development

Did you know that...

  • Sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand on any type of land?
  • Combinations of cash crops and trees result in better yields and long-term productivity?
  • Productivity of marginalized land can be improved with the right crops and methods?
  • Forest land can also yield benefits from year 1?
  • Ecosystem services can deliver revenues without removing natural vegetation?
  • Biomass may provide sustainable income on flooded land and in wetlands?
FSG’s LAND+ is the answer for profitable and sustainable land use solutions.

What is LAND+?

LAND+ is a stepwise approach to increase economic, social and environmental benefits from land in a balanced way.

Core features are:

Sustainability, with a balance between economic, social and environmental benefits.

Responsibility, by connecting with global policy trends such as CSR, ILUC, Bioenergy and climate change.

Profitability, with multiple income sources selected from 20 bioproducts and ecoservices.

Customizability, with tailored solutions for many types of land, climates, soils and ecosystems.

Click here for a list of social, environmental and economic benefits of LAND+

How to develop your own LAND+?

FSG has developed a number of steps for developing LAND+ on a given location. Each of these steps described below is also offered by FSG as an individual service.

LAND+ starts with development of a project idea with the client, followed up by an opportunity assessment. This results in a business plan with detailed description of lay-out and implementation steps. If required, funds are raised for further implementation activities. If desired, FSG takes the lead in formation of project consortia and project management, in consultation with stakeholders involved. Each project starts with stakeholder consultation. Depending on identified training needs, FSG provides initial training to stakeholders on relevant topics. After training the project continues and LAND+ is implemented, with or without FSG involvement. As a last step in implementation certification is required in most cases. After the implementation FSG’s services include market research and business to business activities for commercialization of bioproducts and ecosystem services.

Why is FSG your partner in development?

FSG has over 15 years of experience with natural resource management, marketing of bioproducts and certification. This is a unique combination of expertise. It enables us to successfully connect al links in the supply chain, from natural resources and certified production methods to profitable markets.

Find out how LAND+ can benefit you?

Check out our LAND+ leaflet or contact us.

Why has FSG developed the Land+ system?

FSG’s missions reads;
‘FSG is dedicated to help protect the world's remaining forests, natural areas and larger biological and climatic systems from further degradation and to promote sustainable livelihood and business development across the world’.

The first ideas
Right from the start in 1995, our professional lives have involved around sustainable management of the world’s natural resources. “Sustainability” was the real buzz word at the time with consumers increasingly demanding sustainable products. Certification of forest management became an important pillar of our work. And we became one of the founders of FSC the Netherlands! Yet, two distinct work directions began to develop. On the one hand, we engaged in “hands-on” projects, in close relation with local communities and sustainable resource practices. On the other hand, we were committed to helping Business Support Organizations and private companies in finding export markets for wood products..... Read more in our special leaflet.
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Land+ Leaflet

LAND plus is the acronym for:

Land And Natural resource Development based on Profitable Land Use and Sustainability.

Copyright LAND+ All rights reserved.

No part of Land+ text may be copied, used or transmitted in any form whatsoever without the prior permission of the authors

Most important benefits

Economic benefits
  • More income per hectare of land by a specific marketing mix of bioproducts and ecoservices.
  • There will be income in the short, medium and long term.
  • Market research, training and implemented Market & Buyer Access Requirements are all part of the system.
  • Profitable markets are found as part of the system
Social benefits
  • Improved livelihoods , through diversified income, reduced costs and reaching self-sufficiency.
  • Long-term local employment, in harvesting, resource management, product processing, commercialization and other services.
  • Multiple forms of training and capacity building of local people included in system.
  • System complies with rules for Corporate Social Responsibility and international agreements.
Environmental benefits
  • LAND+ helps maintain good soil conditions and guarantees long-term soil productivity.
  • Plant diversity, plagues and diseases are minimized.
  • Flora & Fauna biodiversity is either maintained or improved.
  • LAND+ contributes to fighting climate change, for it results in increased biomass and reduction of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
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